Loews Royal Pacific Resort Red Carpet Special Event Photography

January 28, 2018

Orlando, FL

Name | Matrix

Date | 01.28.18

Location | Royal Pacific Resort

Photographer | Stephen Odom

Well, this was a first. And probably the last, too. We were asked to photograph the red carpet for a Matrix event featuring executives and special guest star Fergie. This event doesn’t match our style of photography, so I’m hesitant to even post on this. But, I’ll be open with you and show our bad with the good. If you’re a photographer interested in doing this type of event, know you’ll be assigned to a six inch space shared with you and another photographer, that you’ll fight for light, attention, breathing room, and always wondering if your equipment will grow legs and walk away (luckily mine did not). 

My favorite part of the event was meeting the other local photographers that were hired for the event. Some with very professional setups intended for exactly this, and some shooting with just their phones. It was weird.

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