Kissimmee, FL

Name | Stormfolk

Date | December 8, 2018

Location | Disney  Springs

Photographer | Stephen Odom

We met Mick and Kaley at a company holiday party. I’ve never met someone as talented as Mick; he was playing the drum, the cymbal, the guitar, singing, whistling and smiling all at the same time. Impossible? Guess not. Teamed up with the voice talents of Kaley and they were unstoppable. Needless to say, I was drawn in wholeheartedly. We connected instantly and I had the opportunity to capture one of their live events in Disney Springs. Their Friday night performance at Splitsville was so great that I went the next night to their Homecoming Kitchen set. Love them both! Their covers are just as catchy as their originals. Take a listen! 

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