Tom Ham’s Lighthouse San Diego, CA First Communion

May 11, 2019

San Diego, CA

Name | Stephanie Perry

Date | 05.11.19

Location | Tom Ham’s Lighthouse

Photographer | Stephen Odom

Throughout the event I found myself smiling and laughing just as much as everyone else. There is an unbreakable bond this group created that I aspire to create in my life. You could easily see their relationships were deeply seeded and full of love.

Stephanie used books, fresh flowers, photographs and wooden decor to theme the communion around her son in a way I have yet seen even by the best event coordinators. She found a donut vendor (@donuthellosd ) that had addicting flavors that kept me and everyone else coming back. The music introduced new beats and brought back memories with some old favorites, and resonated with the family perfectly. Couldn’t have been a better party!

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