Fullerton WAKA Kickball

March 10, 2019

Fullerton, CA

Name | Fullerton Kickballers

Date | Winter 2019

Location | Lions Field

Photographer | Stephen Odom

This will be an on-going blog as the season progresses. I met this group through MeetUp and couldn’t be happier. And more surprised. To be honest, kickball to me was always an easy-going game. I mean, from 2nd to 4th grade, our class held 1st place because of our skill and bravery on the field. And while working at Universal we did pretty good at drinking after the games. But this WAKA group is a whole other beast. There is excellent competition and skill among the players, but the most surprising thing I’ve found is that off the field everyone knows each other; we all hang out together as if we are on the same team. It’s strangely attractive. The season is sure to be a fun-filled adventure, and I’m excited to play. 

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