Orlando Basketball Sports Photography

July 11, 2018

Orlando, FL

Name | Team Titans

Date | 07.11.18

Location | Disney Wide World of Sports

Photographer | Stephen Odom

The Titans made it to the top of their division and traveled all the way from Utah to play in the championships here in Orlando. The passion these teammates had for the game, as well as those playing it, was pretty intense. At times I forgot they were only in Jr. High. Their coach was influential and tough, yet not degrading and completely void of a temper; I wish those qualities were present when I was in school. 

The event was at Disney, so that of course came with it’s own challenges with photographing the event. Even though it was clear I was welcomed by the team, coach and parents, the Mouse honestly thought we were there with cruel intentions. Strange, but that’s the world we live in now. Once it was sorted out, we got some pretty sweet shots.

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